Copenhagen Tattoo Convention

I had a blast out in Copenhagen. My first time visiting this amazing city. It’s full of great people and amazing surroundings everywhere you go in Copenhagen. Myself and Ami James where flat out busy all weekend. We got to visit our dear friend Henning Jorgensen at his beautiful shop, Royal Tattoo in Helsingor which is coming up to its 30th year anniversary. I can’t say enough great things about this city and its people. Thank you for having me.

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Stab City Video

Here is a short video featuring Allstar Tattoo and co., plus some guests including Oliver Peck, Chad Koeplinger, Tattoo Forrest, Chris Nunez, Shaun Topper, Matt Beckerich and Mario Desa .

Stab City Video

Guests coming up at Allstar soon.

We are delighted to have our next three guests coming soon to the shop. It is all three of their firsts visits so don’t miss out on this. In April we have Mario Desa from Chicagao Tattoo Co. from 4th to 6th. Soon after we have Tyson Arndt from Classic Tattoo, Stockholm from 9th to 11th. In May we have Alex Trufant from Trufant Brothers Tattoo, San Angelo Texas from 8th to 11tth. For an appointment with any of the above you can call the shop on 0035261409439 or email

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February Antics

So tomorrow it all starts. We have Chris Nunez (Hand Crafted/ Miami Ink), Matt Beckerich (Kings Avenue NYC), Forrest Covaco (Cobra Custom Boston) and Shawn Topper (Davinci Tattoo NYC) here until Wednesday. Then we head for Milan on Thursday for the annual Milano Tattoo Convention. Coming back with us to guest at the shop is Oliver Peck and Chad Koeplinger before we then head off to London for the annual Brighton Tattoo Convention where I will be at The Love Hate Social Club booth with Greg Christian and Darren Brass. Looking forward to seeing everyone. February will be another one of those great months.

For appointments with me at either convention, email me at to set something up.

For appointments with any if our upcoming guests, email

Thank you

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Prints for sale

So I am now selling prints of some of the paintings I’ve made over the last month. All prints are extremely high quality. All limited runs of 50. All signed and numbered. Each print is €60 shipped anywhere in the world.

Paypal as a gift to

Please specify what print you’d like and your shipping address.

Thank you for the support.

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Some fun tattoos

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20130111-074713 p.m..jpg

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Easy Rider painting for sale

Here is a crazy one inspired by Mike ‘Rollo’ Malone. It’s 11×14 in size done with lightfast pigments on high quality watercolor paper. I’m selling this one for €350. If interested email me at and its yours. I will not be making any prints of this one.

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