February Antics

So tomorrow it all starts. We have Chris Nunez (Hand Crafted/ Miami Ink), Matt Beckerich (Kings Avenue NYC), Forrest Covaco (Cobra Custom Boston) and Shawn Topper (Davinci Tattoo NYC) here until Wednesday. Then we head for Milan on Thursday for the annual Milano Tattoo Convention. Coming back with us to guest at the shop is Oliver Peck and Chad Koeplinger before we then head off to London for the annual Brighton Tattoo Convention where I will be at The Love Hate Social Club booth with Greg Christian and Darren Brass. Looking forward to seeing everyone. February will be another one of those great months.

For appointments with me at either convention, email me at to set something up.

For appointments with any if our upcoming guests, email

Thank you

20130204-123708 a.m..jpg

20130204-123731 a.m..jpg

20130204-123805 a.m..jpg

20130204-123816 a.m..jpg

20130204-123827 a.m..jpg

20130204-123835 a.m..jpg

20130204-123920 a.m..jpg

20130204-124048 a.m..jpg


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