Love Hate Social Club

So we came out last week for the opening our friends Ami James and Huey Morgan’s new shop here in Notting Hill. The opening night was amazing. So many people came out to party with us and support. Next day we started full swing in the shop with a full house all week of amazing tattooers and people. I will be in Notting Hill for one week every month from now on. Most of my time will be spent at my shop Allstar in Limerick, so my clients will not be effected in Ireland. If you want to be tattooed by me in LHSC you can email bookings@lovehatesocialclub and the guys will make it happen. If you want to be tattooed by me in Limerick you can email .. Thank you to everyone who made this a great week. Special thanks to Ami and Huey for having me be part of this. I’m next scheduled in LHSC December 10th-17th.

20121123-063302 p.m..jpg

20121123-063310 p.m..jpg

20121123-063316 p.m..jpg

20121123-063328 p.m..jpg

20121123-063339 p.m..jpg

20121123-063353 p.m..jpg

20121123-063424 p.m..jpg

20121123-063442 p.m..jpg

20121123-063502 p.m..jpg

20121123-063511 p.m..jpg


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