NYC Trip

I just got back from NYC yesterday. This was a damn good trip!!!! I was slammed busy for two weeks surrounded by great people everyday. First stop was one of my favorite shops to work at, the world famous Wooster Street Social Club (aka New York Ink). I guested there for the first week which is always a fun time. In between the madness while they where filming there was serious tattooing going on non stop! BxTxS…. Second half of the trip I was at the legendary New York Adorned. This was my first time guesting at the shop and what an amazing time it was. I will miss all my New York friends alot!! Until I see ye again!! Thank you to all for the hospitality. Ye showed me such a good time from start to finish. Here are a few photos from the trip.

20120823-124646 a.m..jpg

20120823-124707 a.m..jpg

20120823-124717 a.m..jpg

20120823-124740 a.m..jpg

20120823-124754 a.m..jpg

20120823-124829 a.m..jpg

20120823-124847 a.m..jpg

20120823-124901 a.m..jpg

20120823-124913 a.m..jpg

20120823-124932 a.m..jpg

20120823-125006 a.m..jpg

20120823-125023 a.m..jpg

20120823-125037 a.m..jpg

20120823-125102 a.m..jpg

20120823-125122 a.m..jpg

20120823-125138 a.m..jpg

20120823-125154 a.m..jpg

20120823-125222 a.m..jpg


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