Upcoming Travels

So I havn’t travelled since I got back from the states in the beginning of June. Calm before the storm! I will be getting back into the swing of things in August, starting in New York City. First I will be returning to Wooster Street Social Club (home of New York Ink) for 3-4 days, then straight to New York Adorned Tattoo in Manhattan. In September I will be working The London Tattoo Convention at Tobacco Dock. In October I will be at Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas Texas before heading out to San Francisco for the SFO Convention for my first time. After the convention I’ll be checking out SF for a bit before heading down to Costa Mesa in OC at Goldrush Tattoo. Then in November I will be heading for Washington DC to Tattoo Paradise before heading for Chicago to work at Chicago Tattoo Company and then down to Minnesota to work at The Aloha Monkey. Believe it or not I will be spending more time at my shop here at Allstar in Ireland than it may look here, so my travels shouldn’t effect my own customers here in Ireland too much. At the most I will be gone for two weeks at a time. Call the shop for any information regarding my travel dates etc. Thank you to everyone who gets tattooed by me wherever I travel to, allowing me to see the world, meet all of my friends, work with amazing artists and to tattoo and meet all of you. Email or contact any of the shops mentioned above to book an appointment with me.

Please check out the links below for details in each place I will be at.

Wooster Street Social Club (New York Ink)

New York Adorned

The London Tattoo Convention

SFO Tattoo Convention

Goldrush Tattoo

Elm Street Tattoo

Tattoo Paradise

Chicago Tattoo Company

Aloha Monkey Tattoo


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