Collaboration Tattoo with Peck & Teear

Last week we had one of Oliver Pecks regular visits to the shop. As always we had a blast everyday at Allstar. What made it even better was a surprise visit from our good friend Jordan Teear who is a great Tattooer based at Frith Street Tattoo in Soho, London. After a full days tattooing we all went out for a slap up meal. During this meal we thought it would be a great idea to do a fun collaboration tattoo. Barry, one of our tattooers from the shop put his hand up to sit down and get whatever. The design we chose was from Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins flash. Oliver did the outline, Barry jumped to the next station and got black shaded by Jordan then to my station where I layed down the color. The tattoo turned out great and was super fun to be part of. This is the kind if thing that would have been done alot years back by some old timers. Enjoy the photos.

20120410-014526 a.m..jpg

20120410-014611 a.m..jpg

20120410-014624 a.m..jpg

20120410-014855 a.m..jpg


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  1. Bernie Bingamon

    Tatoo are nice because they are a great work of art. ^

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    November 25, 2012 at 5:42 am

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