NYC and Texas trip!

I know I’m late posting about the US trip. Trying to find time these days is hard!! Anyway!, I started in New York at Wooster Street Social Club ( aka New York Ink). Everyone at the shop was beyond friendly and welcoming. I had such a busy 3 days work there and way too much fun. Things where extra crazy while there as they where filming for season 2 so there where bodies everywhere!!! Id like to thank everyone who I tattooed and everyone at the shop for making me feel at home. Can’t wait to come back!!

Then after a hectic schedule in New York I was off to Dallas, Texas to Oliver Pecks Elm Street Tattoo. I was busy as hell from the minute I got to the shop tattooing friendly Texans everyday. My main reason for this entire trip was to work at the world famous Friday 13th 24 hour tattoo marathon at the shop. Midnight- midnight!! Non stop tattooing! It was hands down the most amazing tattoo experience I ever had! The shop was just rammed with people waiting to get their 13 tattoo. There was people in the line outside during the night with blankets around them waiting for hours to get a 3 minute tattoo. We had so much fun in the 24 hours with the amazing Elm Street crew. In the end between the entire shop we did 750 tattoos. I was proud to have done 115 of them. When midnight came there was still over 100 people who where in a line for hours and never got their tattoo. Once it hits midnight all machines ate down! I got the 750th tattoo from Oliver. Next day we where back at the shop tattooing as normal before we headed for Austin fir the convention on sunday. Had a blast there. Did some tattoos. Met some great people and old friends. That night we went out for dinner before quick visits to Rock of Ages Tattoo and then to the Austin Tattoo Co. Both great shops that i could ramble about for ages!! Again I’d like to thank all the Elm Street crew for looking after me so well and again making me feel so welcome. I’m back on May before I head for California and can’t wait!!

If you are lucky enough to be in either NYC or Texas get your asses into Wooster Street and Elm Street Tattoo. Both amazing shops filled with talent!!

20120129-094736 a.m..jpg

20120129-094906 a.m..jpg

20120129-095029 a.m..jpg

20120129-095110 a.m..jpg

20120129-095129 a.m..jpg

20120129-095149 a.m..jpg

20120129-095223 a.m..jpg

20120129-095245 a.m..jpg

20120129-095304 a.m..jpg


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