Thank you!

It’s Near the end of 2011 and what a year it has been. For me and all of us at the shop it has been such a busy and eventful year. I got married in Portugal. Worked some amazing conventions in Brighton, Milan, London and Barcelona. Had some of the best in the business from around the world guesting at the shop including Nick Caruso, Oliver Peck, Chad Koeplinger, Javier Rodriguez , Tim Pausinger, Matt Knopp and Grant Cobb. We had the honor and privilege of being a part of the opening of the worlds most impressive Tattoo Museum in Amsterdam which was a historical weekend and amazing to witness. The only magazine that I have admired throughout my career ‘Tattoo Life’ did an article on me which was not only a high point of 2011, but my entire career. Thank you to everyone along the way that made last year a seriously memorable one. I couldn’t be starting 2012 off any better. Next week I am out in New York guesting at Wooster Street Social Club and from there onto Dallas, Texas guesting at Elm Street Tattoo for the world famous Friday 13th 24 tattoo party. Thank you again and I hope next year brings all of you nothing but luck!!!


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