Pj Gallaghers day at the shop.

Today was one of those super busy fun days at the shop. We had our dear friend and amazing Tattooer Chad Koeplinger with us for the last couple of days. Always great fun when Chads at the shop!! It turns out that one of Ireland’s funniest comedians, Pj Gallagher is a big fan of Chads work and booked in to get a Clipper ship from him. Chad drew it on and tattooed one of the most amazing clipper ships I have seen. Alot of laughing was done today. Such a good day. Here are some photos of Pj getting tattooed and the finished product. Enjoy.

20111215-013715 a.m..jpg

20111215-013722 a.m..jpg

20111215-013729 a.m..jpg

20111215-013736 a.m..jpg

20111215-013742 a.m..jpg


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