What’s coming up!!

Ok we have some busy times coming soon. Oliver Peck from Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas,Texas is here next week for two days before we head off to Amsterdam for the Tattoo museum opening. I am honored to have been invited in amongst a group of legends, tattooers who I have looked up to for yeas and great friends. It will be a memorable time to say the least. Then we have the return of Grant Cobb from Spotlight Tattoo, Hollywood California in mid November.(11th-13th). December 13th-14th sees the return of Chad Koeplinger from Tattoo Paradise, Washington DC. What makes that trip even more fun is that one of Ireland’s favorite comedians PJ Gallagher turns out to be a fan of Chad and has booked in with him. That should be a laugh!! Then it’s wind down time for the Christmas holidays. 2012 is going to be an interesting year with multiple trips planned to the US including me working at Oliver Pecks Elm Street Tattoo for the world famous Friday the 13th 24 hour party,Milan convention in Febuary, Fresno convention California in April, guest spots in numerous shops while out there, London convention in September and then one I am more than excited about is the SFO convention in San Francisco California. All this with a busy schedule of guests coming including Frank Carter, Kris Magnotti, Todd Noble and alot more to be announced has the potential to make 2012 a beyond amazing year! I will be posting more info soon about upcoming guests and travels.


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