Busy times!

It’s been a while since I last posted something on this. We have had 2 crazy busy weeks. It started with our good friend Oliver Peck guesting with us at the shop. We then flew out to work the London Tattoo Convention which was insane busy. Then we flew home with Grant Cobb and Matt Knopp to Ireland. We had the pleasure of having them guest with us for two days before we then flew out to work the Barcelona Tattoo Expo. We had such a great time out there with so many of our friends working it also. Not to mention the great hospitality that was shown to us from all at LTW Tattoo in Barcelona. Those guys are amazing!! I worked at their shop on Monday and then flew home last night. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks but we had great fun. A big thank you to all that came to get tattooed by me at the conventions and to all who got tattooed from our guests at the shop. I am blessed!20111014-114356 a.m..jpg20111014-114423 a.m..jpg20111014-114501 a.m..jpg20111014-114512 a.m..jpg

20111014-114553 a.m..jpg


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